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VIZ.comDeath Note 13: How to Read. Mermaid Saga Vol.1. Princess Mononoke Film Comics. R.O.D: Read or DieSAME HAT!: April 2009Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Vol. 1 by Junko Mizuno. This book is the first volume in a short series, and will add to the list Mizuno titles in English, Pure Trance, Hansel Gretel, Cinderella, Princess Mermaid, and Hell Babies. The Little Mermaid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJapanese artist Junko Mizuno adapted The Little Mermaid as Princess Mermaid, the third and final part of her "fractured fairy tales".Satire/Politics | Now Read This!If you’re over a certain age or have eclectic tastes in art and music you might feel a pang of nostalgia at the work in this second intriguing, coyly adult collection, featuring Manga sensation Junko Mizuno’s most subversively. Paul Gravett | Article DetailJunko Mizuno: Queen Of The Cute Creepy. Manga Books in English: 2002: Cinderalla (Viz) 2003: Hansel Gretel (Viz) 2004: Princess Mermaid (Viz) 2005: Pure Trance (Last Gasp and JaPress)Saimoe 2002-2011: Entries By Voice ActorHazuki Fujiwara @ Ojamajo Doremi Suzume Mizuno @ Zatch Bell. Junko Asami (1). Rina Touin @ Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Maggie Mui @ Read Or Die Makoto Kikuchi @ The Idolmaster. Pike @ Princess TutuCINDERALLA INFORMATION | News Archive, Reference, Videos.... by Junko Mizuno. It was published by Koushinsya; later an English version was released by Viz Media in 2002. It is one in a line of her new version on old fairy tales, the others are Hansel Gretel and Princess Mermaid.